Transparent Development
To transform India into a global startup hub by channelizing the power of the youth via holistic entrepreneurship education.
Holistic Approach
We work with all the stakeholders of society, students, startups, mentors, trainers, government, industries, investors and academicians for a holistic approach.
Entrepreneurship Education
We understand the pain faced by entrepreneurs. We help Develop an Entrepreneurship Mindset via Entrepreneurship Education.

The vision of Navayuvak Entrepreneurs is to Create & Develop India’s Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystem by creating startup ecosystem inside colleges and make colleges a Startup Hub to promote the future growth of Entrepreneurs. Navayuvak Entrepreneurs aims to become a one stop hub for startups as we are the pioneers in working for the startup ecosystem at the ground level.

India Launchpad

With a vision of a True Return on Investment for Startups, We will be establishing India Launchpad - A Startup Hub, dedicated to prototyping the future growth of Entrepreneurs within your college infrastructure. Our aim is to make it Easily Accessible and Inclusive of benefits for startups inside your college and also give a platform to other startups outside your college towards their growth.

Student Entrepreneurship Development

An initiative by youngsters, for the youngsters. To achieve a self-sustaining ecosystem for young student entrepreneurs is our goal.

SED has a mission to create, discover, nurture and develop 1000 successful student start-ups by 2020.

SED Girlpreneurship

Women entrepreneurship has been on the rise for sometime now and we know of many success stories. But what about a girl? A girl needs to be equally empowered at an early stage to gain the needed independence and sustain societal oppression.

SED Girlpreneurship program will specifically target girls and turn them into successful entrepreneurs at various levels.

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