SED Girlpreneurship

Part of SED Program. Focused on Developing Urban Girls to become Entrepreneurs.


Phase 1: Early Stage Awareness Campaign

Phase 1 of the Girlpreneurship Campaign begins with Awareness Campaigns​ in colleges. The Awareness Campaign focuses on Understanding the Strength of each Individual Girl​ and Motivating​ them to believe in themselves to Startup.

The second focus would be on Entrepreneurship, Basics to the Importance of starting up Early. This would involve Panel Discussions with Female Entrepreneurs and Experts. Girlpreneurship Events​ would also call upon Successful Women Entrepreneurs sharing their experiences of their journey, the Challenges they’ve had to overcome before becoming Successful. This Inspires Members to incline towards Entrepreneurship and consider them as their Ideal Role Models​, apply their suggestions and be on the Right Path to Success.


Phase 2: Workshops & Training

Discover Yourself/Know Yourself

The aim of these workshops is to enable girls to understand themselves, their Skills and their Interests. It also focuses on their Personality and Entrepreneurial mindset Development.

Skills Training Workshops

The Training shall help them develop the necessary Knowledge and Skills for Starting up their own Startup.


Phase 3: Startup Phase

Once individuals have started working on their ideas, they will be integrated with Pitch India​, where they can Pitch and Validate their Ideas, get Feedback and Mentorship Opportunities from Experts. Subsequent access to all resources, integrated with SED shall be open for Members.

Phase Three is about making Individuals aware about how Startups are to be handled, and the Challenges that are likely to arise in their Entrepreneurial Journey. Guidance to overcome challenges is what Girlpreneurship ​is about.

A Unique part of Girlpreneurship​ is Conducting Parents/Family Awareness-Counselling​ Campaigns. The Final Phase also involves Polishing their Startup Idea and Pitch before connecting Girlpreneurs​ to top VC’s and Investors across the country.

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