The Flipkart phenomena

What happens when you are promised a job in a company which is offering you 18 lakh rupees per annum and you reject other offers from companies offering you 14 lakhs or 12 for that matter? People will say, a logical situation of course why would you look down the ladder when you can get a better package? But the students who accepted the flipkart job of a staggering 15 lakh rupees per annum at IIM- Ahmedabad and IIT- Mumbai are wishing they should have looked down the ladder and should had been a little more content with the other package. But as they say it’s a game of destiny you get what you are meant to get and the poor chaps selected from flipkart have gotten only a delay in their job joining till now. Now where does this leave flipkart with its past reputation of being one of the biggest hiring startup (lol I don’t even think it’s a startup anymore people its been in the game for more than 8 years now it’s a corporate FOR CHRISTS SAKE :D) there is today and having the privilege of interviewing and selecting first on campus in IIT-Mumbai and IIM Ahmedabad? Not in the same place for sure, as we heard from IIM Ahmedabads chairperson’s office that the students are in a fix and demanding a higher compensation amount for the delay which has been imposed. Now as its going we hope that the problem of the students gets resolved and flipkart comes out with a favourable solution or at least a favourable response for the same.

Tell us what you think of the same in the comments below guys and trust me every though counts so tell me what you guys feeling, till then I will see u guys till I write next, take care be a good person, help the poor, and don’t ever let anything to stop you from voicing your opinions, signing off here guys cheers to life!!

Gaurav Sharma

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